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Fog lamps manufacturer for the classification of the fog lamps

by:DLAA      2020-06-18
According to the installation location points, can be divided into the front fog lamp and automobile rear fog lamps; According to the luminous principle, can be divided into gas fog lamps and LED fog lamps. Audi's latest developed a laser fog lamps. The structure of the fog lamps mirrors, lens, the light bulb, Or LED) , hood and vertical light conditioning and shell, etc. With a light can change device movable type and reflector movable type. The light bulb for 55 w halogen bulbs. In addition, the beam adjustment is only up and down direction in general. Fog lamps light distribution performance for inhibition of irradiation light because of the dust particles floating in the water in the air, lead to the diffuse unclear vision optical film phenomenon, the most important thing is breaking up and down in the direction of visible light. In addition, to expand the spread of the horizontal Angle, need uniform light distribution. Light color is white or light yellow. The working principle of fog lamps lighting filament design on the focus of the paraboloid reflector, the reflective mirror reflection after formation and optical axis parallel beam injection. Lens after diffusion, the refraction of the beams forming a wider horizontal beam, and the light shape and intensity of illumination in accordance with regulations. Front fog lamps in the hood is for the sake of the filament to mirror the upper part of the light cover, make the light distribution has a clear tone by the line, namely Ming silenced. In light of the upper edge of the visible area as dark as possible, and the light areas on both sides of the horizontal diffusion Angle should be 50 °, formed around a horizontal light area, to meet is not blindfold and can provide good lighting conditions for safe driving.
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