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Fog lamps manufacturer brief car lights lighting problem summary not bright check this a few places

by:DLAA      2020-06-15
Automotive headlight is one of a pair of eyes, pave the way for driving safety. Automotive little lamp as the instructions of the lighthouse, allow you to clearly distinguish the direction. Car rear brake lamp as righteousness is words of traffic, parking is in need of urgent moment marked red. The lights of the car also is a kind of language, the car is all means of communication during driving, actually this kind of communication is also no clear way, but you become something, of course, all this is the premise of the lamp. About car headlights everybody is not strange, after buying a new car because many owners want to refit the original halogen headlights xenon lamp or change small lights to LED lights, etc. , at the same time in the practical to ensure enough 'SAO'. So the question becomes, on the road when individual lights don't often see cars, especially the rear brake lamp, night driving is very dangerous. In fact the lamp damage is the following several ways. Car lighting problem summary light not bright 1 check this a few places. Bulb often damage the light bulb often damage is common in small light bulb, the bulb replacement after a period of time, the filament fusing or turn on the light after directly 'suppressed', this kind of situation is common, the reason is due to the instantaneous output voltage is too high in filament fuse, in that it is important to pay special attention to the fuse, to correctly use only a fuse of the fuse don't start out with the rated higher, such as should use 10 a place do not use 15 a. 2. Headlamps dim headlights dim light points, also some old halogen lamp might exist this kind of situation, it has something to do with the bulb itself. Another is caused by the small fault, such as lighting the fuse is loose, lighting joint untrue, headlamps switch or relay contact undesirable, car lines exist leakage voltage drop is too large or too much load and poor grounding, so when the lights appear this kind of situation, can be in accordance with the above hildesheim check one by one. 3. One side headlamps normal brightness, other dim met, it is also often the most is always the headlight itself, many owners, because of the repair cost very little maintenance. Another case is headlamps lights dim side there are take iron or plug place contact untrue. 4. Upper beam or the condition of the light not light car headlights on low beam is not much, cause the reason is simple, is more commonly wire break or plug contact undesirable, in or dipped headlight relay is damaged, the light bulb blown fuse, lamplight or headlight assembly damage. 5. Little light not bright light without light is common, can say that there is a lot of the car, only the owner doesn't mind. Little is more commonly wouldn't light bulb damage suppressed, followed by fusing, followed by the circuit fault, as for the relay may also be affected, but the impact is a route, including small lights. 6. Brakes brake light is not on the cause of the light is not on basic with a small light not on reason is similar, but need to note is that, a control switch, brake lights as well as more — The brake switch, the switch when the brakes brake light lamp ( Most of the models) 。 7. All the lights are not bright say so many questions about the individual car lights, one thousand all the lights of the car is not so bright? Then you can bold speculation, must be the car 'water'. Actually the whole car lights are not bright, it is difficult to encounter in the normal transport, in addition to the car power disconnected ( Including car power management fuse fusing) Or damage to the battery extremely deficient electricity so that these are normal car won't run into extreme.
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