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Fog lamps lamp brightness to reduce factory tell you? Turned out to be the three reasons!

by:DLAA      2020-06-20
Work after a long time, can appear the eye fatigue, cars are no exception. Light is the eye of the car, regardless of day and night, for driving safety and comfort are very important. Small make up to today to remind you some light curing techniques, and teach you to change the light bulb. 1 light curing remind ( 1) The reason of brightness by reason of brightness by usually have three, one is the lamps and lanterns of astigmatism product have dirt on the glass or mirror, then use flannelette or lens paper will clear out dirt; Second, battery capacity decline, lead to power shortages in brightness is not enough, the need to replace new battery; Three wire aging or is line carefully, resistance increase caused by power supply, this kind of situation not only affects the work of the light bulb, serious and even lead to overheat and cause a fire. ( 2) Inspect headlights to check whether there is crack, headlamps lens surface crack while does not affect the lighting performance, but the moisture will be along the crack into the lamps and lanterns, reduce the service life of the bulb. Calibration of headlamps lighting direction also nots allow to ignore, in order to ensure driving safety, headlights must be able to provide good forward lighting vehicle. ( 3) Don't modified light lamp factory, it is best to use illegally modified lamp may be melt, burst, reflection is wrong, and so on and so forth. To refit, must conform to the requirements of the car's original, such as lamp specified wattage, using xenon lamp or halogen lamps, etc. Lights now use more electronic components, the use of high voltage is more, so be careful in the modified lamp voltage. ( 4) Avoid light when the car in the water, positive splash of water on light generally won't have any effect, but if you open the hood when washing with water gun flushing the engine and car lights, car lights is very easily into the water, because the plastic lamp fixed installation location use only dust, not have waterproof function. 2 replacement headlight bulb first step: from behind the lamps and lanterns, remove the back end of lamps and lanterns or rubber plastic cover to cover, plastic cover is turned on, the rubber sleeve can lift directly, then you can see the base part. Most light bulbs with wire spring fixed, spring shakes the wire loosen, then pull out the lamp holder. Step 2: check the power of light bulbs, it is worth noting that the halogen bulbs is a cylindrical glass tube, take bear the new bulb can't contact with the surface of the glass with the hand, or stained with oil content in the glass will make the electric bulb temperature rapid rise, cause the bulb is broken. Step 3: insert the new bulb dowel, confirm the bulb not loose, then remove the reverse order of the whole headlight restore prototype. Note: (1) in auxiliary light bulb in and remove from the rear of lamps and lanterns; (2) auxiliary light bulbs are generally spherical bulb, commonly used square latch type fixed way and home; (3) and headlight, auxiliary lamp also need to change the same wattage bulbs.
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