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Fog lamps have moisture?

by:DLAA      2020-06-12
As the number of vehicles is increasing, the problem of the car is more frequent. Recently, someone asked fog lamps with moisture to do, here small make up for everybody to introduce about fog lamps have several methods of moisture to do want to be able to bring you help. First of all, we should know the fog lamps, it is installed on the front of the car and the back. Low visibility because of the fog, the driver line of sight is limited. Lighting can increase the running distance, especially the yellow fog lamps light strong penetrating power, it can increase the visibility of the pilot with the surrounding traffic participants, make to vehicles and pedestrians in far found each other. The first automobile fog lamps of water vapor, cracks may be fog lamps itself exists, if the car during the warranty period, the duration of use of should contact with the 4 s shop, 4 s shop for repair. The second car fog lamps of water vapor, may be broken fog lamps under the influence of the external force itself, cause the water vapour into the fog lamps inside, then need to fog lamps is removed, replace the new fog lamps installed into the car. The third if the car fog lamps of water vapor, can also be loose at the back of the sealing ring or damage to the fog lamps, led to the moisture in the air to the interior fog lamps, the sealing ring is removed, replace the sealing ring, or directly replace new ring. The fourth car fog lamps of water vapor, directly open the fog lamps at ordinary times, use light fever, to internal water vapor evaporation fog lamps, after the evaporation, tape or other sealant to seal, the fog lamps can be completely sealed. Fifth is likely to be other equipment lead to water vapor in the fog lamps, check whether the water tank is leaking, glass kettle is damaged. If damaged, should be timely maintenance, to avoid other problems.
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