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Fog lamps factory tell you car lights modification must know the details

by:DLAA      2020-06-19
As cars popular, modified lights juyou more and more. Generally speaking, the modified mainly change as headlight, interior lights before give priority to, also including adding position of flashing lights, chassis lights, lights, etc. Now, the starting point of most cyclists modified lamp is given priority to with beautiful, in fact there is a myth, because modified lights should be in order to improve the safety of the primary starting point, beautiful is the second consideration. Remember rules if face compared to 'face', before the car headlights is the 'eyes', and the light is the 'eyes' of the car. If you want to modify the 'eye', you'll have to start from the understanding of the most basic knowledge of laws and regulations. The law of the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety law 'the ninety-seventh regulation, headlights wattage cannot exceed 60 w. For privately with the behavior of the xenon lamp, according to 'road traffic safety law' the 90th regulation, with modified secretly violates the principle of vehicle safety, a $200 fine and three points; If the halogen lamp with the original car xenon lights, according to the law on road traffic safety regulations, will be fined 500 yuan to 2000 yuan. When the owner upgrade the bulb so must comply with the provisions of this respect, otherwise will be disciplined by the traffic police. Some drives to ask: 'it was sent, it was sent, can't change, isn't it? 'In fact, follow the rules and regulations, the law permits modified lights, it can be done. First of all, if you want to upgrade a xenon lamp, must be the original used car xenon headlamps, within the scope of the rules and regulations to improve the brightness of the light; Secondly, for the original car use halogen bulbs of cars, according to the relevant provisions can't instead of xenon lamp, but can choose original light within the specified requirements to improve brightness, to promote the role of lighting effects. Carefully choose light RIGS the car headlights variety, price difference is big, good and evil people mixed up, especially the car headlights and directly involves the night driving safety, so must be particularly careful choice. More common halogen bulbs, from dozens to hundreds of a pair of all have, bad light bulb with a less known and inferior brand not only brightness is not high life is limited, may burn out line. So suggest that we try to choose form a complete set of original brand car lights. HID xenon headlamps, different brand price difference is very apparent, because the xenon HID headlight is very complicated parts process and technology, poor HID often life is very short, variable pressure box and the bulbs are easy to burn out, and color WenLiangDu and scattering Angle are also often do not conform to the requirements. Vehicles refitted thought for others to follow one of the important principle is 'modified' civilization, lights are. Some owners will often cause passers-by to mend HID lamp, on the one hand, these people due to a bit more cool and chose the high color temperature, light blue color HID, the blue light will stimulate each other passers-by and driver eyes in particular, not only uncomfortable, can also affect the safety; Many motorists driving at night, on the other hand, pays no attention to the lamp, pass such as open high beam, and flashing lights and so on, is not only repulsive, are more likely to cause traffic accidents. Therefore, the modified lamp is more considerate. On the road, the security is often associated with each other, others safety, then their security in some ways also gained more weight.
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