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Fog lamps factory introduction to the basic theory of automobile lamps and lanterns of the original group

by:DLAA      2020-06-16
After the car in the process of driving, combination lamp can obviously dock characterization of automobile driving, and turn to state, make all kinds of vehicle driver reliable adjustment. Today after auto lamps and lanterns is generally used to all sorts of function of lights installed in the same light body form of combined type lamps and lanterns, beautiful and easy, and convenient for car driver identification. Today after the combination of the lamps and lanterns commonly include brake lights, fog lamps, turn signal, after after reversing lamp, a lamp and so on, these lights have their effect, specific as follows: brake lamp: general brake lamp ( Brake lights) Is installed in the rear side, when the driver on the brake pedal, the brake light is on, and the red light, alert at the back of the vehicle, don't crash. When the driver loosen the brake pedal brake lamp is extinguished. After the fog lamps, automotive fog lamps refers to the diffuse fog, snow, rain, or dust such as low visibility environment, in order to make the vehicle rear other road traffic participants is easy to be found and installed in the vehicle tail, luminous intensity is bigger than taillights. A turn signal: turn signal is in the motor vehicle steering vehicles and pedestrians around open to pay attention to the important indicator. Back-up lamp: lighting vehicle rear road and warn other use roads, vehicles are or are about to reverse lights, color is white. After a light: commonly known as the small lights, mainly applied to the existence of the car and the overall width, facilitate other vehicles when passing and passing judgement.
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