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Fog lamps factory introduction to car interior cleaning tips

by:DLAA      2020-06-17
Because the car's interior has a lot of different materials, texture, surface, although the space is not big, but more than a shelter evil people and practices easily dead Angle, need cleaning and maintenance of your body you can see more. Owners if yourself clean, pay attention to the selected according to different parts of different detergents and auxiliary tools. Here is to introduce some can simple cleaning methods on their own. Prepare tools: all kinds of detergent, dry wet dishcloth each one, toothbrush, etc. A, dust collection and pick up the car supplies: cleaning step should first remove the dust inside the car and sweep off the dirt from the big things, and then go to the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to suck dust and crack in the chair. Second, clean room: instrument desk and the wheel is plastic and leather products, more easy to stick dust, but also more convenient cleaning. Note that, due to the time of gauge head exposed to the sun, easy aging and the embrittlement, therefore a good choice of good quality table plate spray wax, and then use clean cloth to wipe clean, so that can have a good protect instrument desk. Three, air conditioning duct cleaning. Remove the air-conditioning outlet, the air conditioning cleaning agent of a tube inserted into the air conditioning duct, injection amount air conditioning cleaning agent. Then close the air-conditioning outlet, circulate in open air conditioning, starting the engine, idle running about 10 minutes. In the period of cleaning air conditioning filter ( Cleaning air conditioning filter method see this newspaper on March 10, DIY section) 。 Four, chair of the clean one. Clean flannelette or other fabrics sit chair: ( Torture) Be careful fabrics's chair. Will spray foam cleaning fluid to the dirty, just stop for a minute, after waiting for bubble blot with a clean dry towel carefully wipe the repeatedly, until to remove stains. 2. Chair: at ordinary times when cleaning can choose strong alkaline cleaning agent, such as soap and water, after washing cotton paper towel. However, due to the leather leather seat and frequent wash will easy to produce cracks, and affect the service life, it is recommended that owners can buy special cleaning products, such as paste, leather care cleaners to clean and care. Five, the cleanness of the car canopy: car canopy does not generally from other dirt, you just need to use bubble cleaning fluid to clean the car canopy. If there is difficult to clean the dirt, can use a toothbrush and other auxiliary cleaning tools. Six, wipe the Windows, doors, do MATS, foot, etc. You just need to use corresponding germicides, this process is relatively simple. Seven, spray air freshener. After this process is different from person to person, if you don't like air freshener taste of the owner. But attention the owners, air freshener is does not have the effect of anti-virus. Warm prompt 1. Due to the complexity of car interior environmental material, it is suggested that the owner regularly every year to 4 s shop or a car beauty shop to do a professional interior clean. 2. All kinds of detergent are selling auto parts market, if don't understand, can consult a merchant or to the 4 s shop teacher know. 3. The door of the plastic material need professional cleaning detergent. 4. Instrument desk and the wheel is plastic and leather products, more good choice good quality table board wax coating.
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