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Fog lamps and the correct way of using the operation ( Below)

by:DLAA      2020-07-12
Low what circumstances need to use the fog lamps? Like I said above, fog lamps is heavy fog days and other low visibility weather use lights. As stipulated in the road traffic laws, when rain fog day visibility is less than 200 m, a motor vehicle should be open fog lamps. Of course, it is only 200 meters a driving distance, whether to immediately open fog lamps more or want to see the actual situation. Also many owners feel that the speed not too fast in the city, don't open fog lamps didn't matter much, actually this kind of idea is wrong. In the everyday driving, in accord with the following a situation you should open the fog lamps: when torrential rain pouring down, driving people easy to blur the line of sight, sometimes it's hard to judge the situation around. At this time, you can consider the light fog lamps, remind the drivers around you.
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