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Explain why the corrosion rusty fog lamps manufacturer

by:DLAA      2020-06-14
Forklift truck is indispensable to most of the factory production labor tools, tools, of course, also will loss. The corrosion was the culprit of forklift consumption, now is to analyse the main reasons for the corrosion rust exactly what? Forklift corrosion not only related to the environment but also related to its structure. Can be divided into internal combustion forklift forklift and electric forklift. Most internal-combustion forklift used in port, wharf and industrial and mining sites that use the environment is bad, especially in the port and the chemical industry, enjoying a subtropical and humid tropics, oceanic climate environment and industrial waste gas and dust combination, forklift parts corrosion damage, corrosion is serious; And battery forklift used in warehouses and other indoor places, mostly small environmental changes, environmental factors of corrosion is relatively light. Forklift internal corrosion environment such as engine produced by high temperature and combustion flue gas containing sulfur, chlorine ion and so on, battery acid mist, discharge, work stress of the vibration and impact, friction, collision caused by local damage is the main reason of leading to corrosion in forklift parts damaged. Metal corrosion is the main mechanism of the original metal into metal oxide, structure or component rust, damage and even can't repair and scrap. And non-metallic materials such as paint, rubber, glass fiber reinforced plastic fiber aging, mainly by the comprehensive environmental effect, high polymer material structure cracking, degradation, dissolution and other physical and chemical changes, resulting in a decline in appearance and performance. Visible forklift itself design structure, the application of material, process and protective measures directly determines the corrosion resistant ability of the forklift truck.
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