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Explain the advantages of polyurethane pultrusion die

by:DLAA      2020-07-05
1, polyurethane pultrusion die in pultrusion process used in polyurethane resin, thermosetting or thermoplastic, have good resilience, can provide excellent static mechanical properties and impact resistance; 2, low viscosity, ensure good fibre soaked; Relative to gel time, convenient to start and stop; Aggregation is rapid, speed up the process. Can form a smooth surface, also can reduce costs, polyurethane pultrusion to the realization of the economy, does not need large investment; 3, polyurethane pultrusion mould manufactured goods, the stiffness and strength performance is good, can be in the construction, infrastructure and transport market instead of steel or aluminum. Brittleness is small, not cracking or splitting, fastening performance is good; Hard surface pu pultrusion material determines the characteristics of its low water absorption; 4, polyurethane pultrusion manufactured goods, but also has the advantages of convenient assembly, fastening characteristics very well
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