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Engine leaf plate lined with everyday wear and tear

by:DLAA      2020-07-23
1. The role of the guard. Can prevent rain and snow weather sewage from entering the engine compartment, and can prevent the driving roll up small hard hit in the process of the engine. Though these generally no quick impact on engine, but time is long, the engine will be affected. This is the reason why producers not to install guard board, so they save cost, and not for your car is very direct and rapid effect, will not be called design errors. After a long time will be regarded as normal wear and tear. 2. The choice of under guard. Look from the guard plate material can be divided into titanium alloy and steel, titanium alloy advantages more apparent, first of all, it will not rust, guard this position to come into contact with the rain and snow, some of the metal plate phosphating antirust do bad, it is easy to rust, but will be a piece of heart. Titanium alloy plate won't have this problem. Second, light in weight. General car suspension coefficient is specially set-up, if it is increased in the middle of the front axle load, namely car less weight, more weight is generally no problem, is between the front axle load is added to the whole car. But the engine protection plate is different, it is in the near front axle, and even more, so according to the effect of torque, front axle suspension load caused by the larger, wear and tear. This car can easily lead to highly reduce, the front easier and ground foreign body contact; Are likely to reduce the area of light projection, distance affected; Also can cause the brakes when the vehicle 'nod' serious, affect the comfort. , of course, also can increase the weight of the front suspension wear, damage the front and rear ratio imbalance, thus resulting in a decline in handling. Aluminum alloy good toughness, since engine protection plate this thing is not to resist a brick, but some small impact, so the toughness is then better rigidity. At least this noise, much lower than the plate of aluminum alloy. In order to prevent the engine into the cockpit during the frontal crash and cause damage to the driver, the engine will be sinking. If to the full force of a solid piece of steel plate on the engine block, engine sink function will be affected by a lot of. Mainly based on professional and car accessories, I've seen some truck don't match the guard board, need to remove the guard when maintenance, because there is no corresponding openings, the oil can't put it out.
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