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Engine is introduced under guard to extend the service life of car how

by:DLAA      2020-07-24
From the first generation 1. 7 cm of manganese steel materials, the second generation of 2. 5 cm thick aluminium magnesium alloy material to the current the most high-end 2. 5 cm thickness of titanium alloy aerospace material transformation of many innovative chassis corrosion resistance: the corrosion are from the bottom of the car, only made it two or three years of automobile beam has already started to radiant with rusty spot. Every time washing wastewater will remain at the bottom, long term can form the corrosion potential of factors, harm the car. If to seal model at the bottom of the car, even if encounter acid rain, snow-dissolved agent, washing the car caustic soda can through this layer protective film. Stone: in the process of moving vehicles will splash a small stone, stone hit bottom force is proportional to the speed, general 10 grams of small stones in the impact produced by up to 80 kilometers per hour will reach 100 times their own weight, enough to break 30 micron film, film once been broken, corrosion will start from the defect and slowly expanding from inside the iron plate, if the car on the bottom seal model, even if the gravel to 5 kg force impact engine damage. Insulation: winter, open the air-conditioning heat sink often, to rise, while the ground of the car air conditioning heat and cold air exchanged mostly concentrated in the floor of the car, at the bottom of the vehicle protection directly decides the effect of energy utilization effect of the vehicle taobao internal coupons. If the bottom of the car seal model, then the film inside the quartz sand will be hot and cold isolation completely. Shock: engine, the wheels are fixed on the floor of the car, they vibrate at a particular frequency will resonate with bottom, make the person produces very uncomfortable feeling, and the bottom protection can eliminate certain resonance. Noise: vehicle in the way of quick, wheels and road surface friction is proportional to the speed, protection on the bottom of the vehicle is in good condition, can effectively reduce the noise inside the car. The thickness of the bottom: at the bottom of the guard a few millimeters, when was the road bumps scratches at the bottom of the chassis guard board can reduce the damage of bumps on the chassis.
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