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Driving Safely in Poor Weather With Fog Lamps

by:DLAA      2020-04-15
While normal headlights suffice for night driving, there are instances when the weather is misty or foggy and it in such situations that the use of fog lamps becomes an absolute necessity. During such weather it is of the essence that your car's fog lamps are as bright as possible; these days we have various light types that make for great brightness and here we can talk about discharge, halogen and LED lamps. All these fog lamp varieties can be purchased quite affordably from BlingLights.com. Alongside brightness, the choice of colour for these fog lamps is also a critical aspect to consider. During misty or foggy weather the atmosphere is saturated with minute water droplets or droplets of water vapour and when different colours of light pass through these they are dispersed in different directions. Some lamps produce white light, which is a mixture of multiple colours, and this is subsequently scattered in multiple directions which in effect makes the beam to lose its focus. For this reason the use of single colour light lamps is most advisable. There are two options in this regard and these are the red and yellow fog lamps. Red lamps are on a comparative basis the better option as this colour has the ability to penetrate the fog best. They are not used as much though because this colour is designated for stop signals and using it otherwise will almost always result in confusion. Yellow fog lamps are therefore what most vehicles have although in recent times very bright light purplish lamps have been introduced. Having identified the appropriate choices of fog light colour, it must be observed that the manner in which the beam of light is directed on the road is of critical importance as is the location of the lamps on the vehicle. To properly focus the beam on the road there are reflectors and lenses for this purpose. In as far as the position is concerned the basic idea is to prevent the lights from shining into oncoming drivers' eyes. This is the reason why fog lamps are installed under the low beam car headlights and in a way that they will shine their light directly on the oncoming road. Need to fit your car with a better set of fog lamps? You can always trust BlingLights to give you the best in quality and price.
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