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Driving fog lights or headlights in rainy days?

by:DLAA      2020-02-12

someone on the internet asked: do you turn on fog lights or headlights when driving in rainy days? How to answer? Just answer like this: Light rain does not turn on the lights, heavy rain turns on the fog lights, and turning on the high beam is tantamount to self-destruction.

In fact, when it rains, if I can see it during the day, I have never turned on the lights.

This Time for everyone to popularize knowledge, I also follow to learn. Why does heavy rain turn on fog lights? I asked an experienced old driver, he said that the lights are not turned on to illuminate others, but to let others see themselves.

In fact, this is true. Fog lamps mainly emit yellow visible light, and fog lamps are generally installed under the front bumper of vehicles, and the light is not parallel to the line of sight of the other driver, and can let the other driver know the existence of their vehicles.

In contrast, whether it is a high-beam or a low-beam lamp, the spectrum and line of sight emitted by the light are almost parallel to the other driver, which is killing people. So never turn on the headlights.

China's Traffic Law clearly stipulates: 'During the night street lights are turned on, or when driving in low visibility conditions such as fog, rain, snow, dust and hail, headlamps, marker lamps and rear position lamps should be turned on. '

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