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Driver Survival Tips When Driving in Heavy Fog

by:DLAA      2020-04-16
Driving in Fog can be extremely challenging, and it is one of the major causes of motorway pile ups during the winter months. Drivers confronted with foggy conditions often speed up to drive through it quicker or follow the lights of the car in front too closely so they can see what is ahead. Unfortunately both techniques are dangerous and could lead to you becoming another motorway crash statistic. Ideally if you know that heavy fog is forecast you would want, if possible, to postpone your journey. However if you still need to make that journey in these adverse weather conditions make sure you leave considerably more time than usual. This will ensure that you are not pressurised into rushing and driving too fast for the conditions. Before setting off ensure that your windscreen, headlights and fog lights are all clean and functioning correctly and make sure your windscreen washer fluid is adequately topped up. If the visibility has fallen to below 100 meters then you need to switch on your fog lights and should avoid using your main beam headlights as the light will reflect off the small water particles in the air and reduce still further your visibility. When driving in fog you want to ensure that you leave plenty of space between you and the car in front, and that you can adequately stop in the distance that you can see clearly. Often there is a temptation to hang on to the tail lights of the car in front, or travel too fast because there are few external references to help judge your speed. Avoid both of these bad habits by driving only at a pace that you feel comfortable and use your speedometer as a gauge to accurately assess your speed. When pulling out of a junction when it is foggy it will be difficult to assess if there is any traffic coming, so roll down your window to hear any oncoming engine noise. You also want to avoid overtaking in foggy conditions unless you are absolutely certain there is nothing coming the other way. If the fog clears and the visibility rises above 100 meters, remember to switch off your fog lights. Leaving them on when the visibility improves is not only illegal, it can dazzle, be annoying or appear threatening to other drivers and can lead to road rage. If you are in thick fog and need to use your rear fog lights remember to switch them off in dense traffic queues as a courtesy to the driver behind. Also remember that your rear fog light can reduce the appearance of your rear brake light car bulbs, so switch it off when visibility improves. Once you have safely reached your destination consider carefully where you are going to park if the conditions are still foggy. Ideally aim to park off of the street, however if you do have to park on the road when the visibility is reduce leave your sidelights on so that your car can still be clearly seen.
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