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Discuss accessories maintenance note at four o 'clock

by:DLAA      2020-07-17
1 first compulsory maintenance, maintenance cycle: highway trucks with 2000 - car running - - - - - - 4000 km or within 60 days from the date of a car ( Will be subject to first come) Strong, off-road trucks with strong within 60 days from the date of car insurance. Regular service: during the warranty period, based on strong warranty mileage, per ten thousand km, on a regular basis to maintain a tip: warranty maintenance project execution of project according to the 'warranty manual', under the condition of shorten appropriately routine maintenance time or distance, please! 2, diesel oil strainer use regularly to check whether there is water under the coarse filter filter cup, open water bottom water drain valve will be released in a timely manner. Tip: if the fuel system into the water, easy to cause high pressure oil pump, injector damage or failure! 3, the selection of diesel if weichai engine using inferior diesel oil to fuel delivery system can cause serious damage to hint: it is recommended to use in the 'oil', 'sinopec' diesel oil, to ensure the quality of filling diesel. 4, the selection of lubricating oil, the viscosity suitable for elementary school three diesel engine: summer: w - 15 10 w - 40: winter 30 ( Special cold areas: w - 5 30) Note: please choose according to environment temperature using the correct type of oil, otherwise easy to cause engine failure
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