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Correct use method and operation of automobile fog lamp

by:DLAA      2020-02-13

The use of car lights has a direct relationship with driving safety. The correct use of car lights can not only protect their own safety, but also create an orderly traffic environment. However, the wrong use of lights will not only fail to achieve the desired effect, but also bring potential safety hazards.

The use of car lights has a direct relationship with driving safety. The correct use of car lights can not only protect their own safety, at the same time, it can create an orderly traffic environment. However, in our life, there are some people who 'can drive' but do not really use the lights. Often, when the high beam is turned on to the end, it brings potential safety hazards to oneself and others. But don't worry, there is no long speech here, only practical knowledge of using cars. In this article, let's talk about car fog lamps and their usage.

fog lamp, as its name implies, is the light signal used in rainy and foggy weather. Its main feature is strong penetrability in fog. In weather with low visibility, it is easy for vehicles or pedestrians to notice as early as possible, thus effectively preventing accidents. However, it should be noted that fog lamps cannot be used in daily lighting. The use of fog lamps at night with good visibility is no less harmful than the abuse of high beam lamps.

● under what circumstances do fog lamps need to be used?

As I said above, fog lamps are lamps used in foggy days and other weather with low visibility. According to the provisions of the road traffic law, when the visibility is less than 200 in rainy and foggy days, the motor vehicle should turn on the fog lamp.

of course, this 200 is only a safe driving distance. Whether to turn on the fog lamp immediately or not depends on the actual situation. In addition, many car owners feel that the speed in the urban area will not be too fast, and it does not matter much whether the fog lights are turned on. In fact, this idea is wrong. In this daily driving, the fog lamp should be turned on whenever it meets one of the following conditions:

when it rains cats and dogs

when it rains cats and dogs, the driver's line of sight is easily blurred, and sometimes it is difficult to judge the surrounding situation. At this time, you can consider lighting up fog lights to remind the drivers around you of your existence.

when smog is shrouded

there is no need to talk about it in foggy days. It is necessary to turn on the fog lights, in order not to hit others and not to be hit by others.

However, it should be noted that although fog lamps help vehicles or pedestrians to see them early, this does not mean that they can be used at any time, especially when the front and rear fog lamps are turned on. Because fog lamps are brighter than ordinary lamps and have strong scattering, if you let them shine at random when it is not necessary, they will only interfere with the sight of other drivers, especially the line of sight of the opposite car, if serious, may cause a car accident. Therefore, the traffic regulations of many countries clearly stipulate that vehicles are prohibited from turning on fog lamps in good visibility.

● How do you see if the fog lamp is turned on in the car?

of course, not all abuse of fog lamps is intentional. Some novices may turn on the fog lights by mistake, but they do not find it themselves, let alone realize that the fog lights have caused interference to others. Many novices will have such questions: How do I know if I have turned on the fog lamp when I am sitting in the car? It is very simple, we only need to observe the icon on the dashboard to judge.

Next, it is necessary for us to know where the fog lamp switch is and how the fog lamp is turned on to avoid our misoperation affecting others.

● Where is the fog lamp switch?

at present, the fog lamp switch of most of the models on sale will be set on the left rear or left side of the steering wheel, and there will be a conspicuous sign to prompt the user.

● How to turn on the fog lamp?

after the width lamp is turned on, the fog lamp can be turned on. Among them, the front fog lamp can be turned on separately; Rear fog lamp can only and front fog lamps at the same time open the can't separate open. There are two main styles of fog lamp switches, namely, Button type and knob type. Different automobile manufacturers will have their own usual way to turn on fog lamps.

1. Push-button fog lamp switch

This kind of fog lamp switch is more common in American brands such as General Motors and Ford. The characteristic of this opening mode is that it is easy to operate and can realize the corresponding functions with one press.

2. Knob fog lamp switch

This fog lamp switch itself is also divided into two styles: one is integrated in the left lever (Turn signal lever) In fact, it is common in independent brands and Japanese brand models; The other is set independently in the left area of the center console in the form of knobs.

Summary: fog lamps are like a double-edged sword. If they are used well, they can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. If they are not used well, they can become the fuse of accidents. Therefore, the majority of novice car owners must remember that fog lamps can only play their due role in an environment with low visibility, so we should not force them to bear the daily lighting.

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