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Classification and working principle of automobile fog lamps

by:DLAA      2020-02-14

in order to illuminate the road ahead and ensure driving safety, front fog lamps must be used when cars are driving in harsh weather conditions such as fog, snow and heavy rain, or in a smoke-filled environment. In recent years, in terms of modeling design, fog lamps are mostly set on the front bumper.

classification of automobile fog lamps

According to the installation position, it can be divided into automobile front fog lamps and automobile rear fog lamps; According to the principle of light-emitting, it can be divided into gas car fog lamps and LED car fog lamps. Audi has recently developed a laser fog lamp.

Structure of automobile fog lamp

reflector, light distribution lens, bulb (Or LED) , Light shield, vertical light adjusting device and Shell, etc. It is mainly based on the movable type of bulb replaceable device and the movable type of mirror. The bulbs are mostly 55W halogen bulbs. In addition, the beam adjustment is generally only in the up and down direction.

The light distribution performance of automobile fog lamps

in order to suppress the irradiation light caused by particles of water and dust floating in the air the diffuse reflection of leads to the phenomenon of light film with unclear visual field, the most important thing is to interrupt the up and down direction of visible light. In addition, in order to enlarge the diffusion angle in the horizontal direction, uniform light distribution is required. The color of the light is white or light yellow.

The working principle of the automobile fog lamp

The filament of the light source is designed on the focus of the mirror paraboloid, after being reflected by a mirror, a light beam parallel to the optical axis is formed and emitted. The light distribution mirror forms a wider horizontal beam after diffusing and refracting the beam, and makes its light shape and illuminance meet the requirements of laws and regulations. The light shield in the front fog lamp is to cover the light irradiated by the filament to the upper half of the mirror, so that the light distribution has a clear light and shade cut-off line, that is, the light is dark. It should be as dark as possible in the visible area on the upper part of the edge of the light-matching shape, while the horizontal diffusion angle on both sides of the lower bright area should be 50 degrees, forming a left and right horizontal bright area, in order to meet the requirements of not dazzling but to provide good lighting conditions for safe driving.

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