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Choosing A Long Distance Management Tactics !

by:DLAA      2020-04-25
Unfortunately, travel long distances often involve some degree of risk, as well as statistics of accidents often confirms the high probability of accidents on country roads. This is due to the fact that drivers tend to increase speed when traveling out of town. Driving on the highway is fundamentally different from the movement of the city, and it is necessary to consider novice drivers. To ride over long distances was as safe as possible, it is necessary to pre-select the appropriate tactics and strategy for driving traffic. In this case, the movement strategy includes such aspects as the definition of the total travel time, a rough estimate of the distance between gas stations and catering, as well as assessment of the length of travel in light and dark. Given all these issues, it is possible to plan the safest and most ergonomic route. Road sections with poor coverage or with a large number of intersections and dangerous places better pass the afternoon, and areas where the possible congestion in the day - at night or late evening. Choosing a Long distance management tactics should be to build on the specific conditions that dictate the road itself. When choosing tactics driving, do not overestimate their own strength. Very often accidents occur simply because drivers traveling at a higher rate than what you can afford on the track. Especially dangerous is the trend in partial loss or poor visibility (eg, fog). If weather conditions are unfavorable, the rain or fog hung, do not accelerate to 140 km / h - thus you can bring a lot of trouble on themselves, and on the other road. The fog may suddenly leave the other car, pedestrian or leave the animal to run out. Therefore it is better to slow down and not to create an emergency situation. To ride on an unfamiliar road was less unpredictable, after analyzing the map and plan your move. If you want to save time, better travel with fewer interruptions than too high speed. When checking out on the road more comfortable feeling that a driver who travels alone, and not a 'bumper to bumper' with another car. So do not try to pull over to the next car in front, even if the traffic on the road pretty intense. The car, which goes before you, not only closes you an overview, but also does not allow vehicles traveling behind you when overtaking maneuver. Particularly awkward a position of cars on the road is at night when the lights of the car close prevents the driver to concentrate on the road. Of course, you can try to signal lights, but that is not the fact that the driver of the other vehicle will understand you correctly. Therefore it is better to give the next car behind you overtake you, or most of it off. If the circumstances are such that you have to go at night on the highway for another car, try to keep your distance. On deserted road you can drive with a speed that is comfortable to you. But if the number of cars on the road, try to go with the flow rate, so as not to stand out from the general movement. Then you will have less traveling to overtake or pass behind the machine. This will allow you to drive safely and evenly, not being nervous and not nerviruya other drivers. If you will be traveling long distances, do not forget about the existence of the effect of habituation (especially if you have to go on the monotonous blank line). As drawn into a trip to the driver becomes more difficult to control the speed, he instinctively seeks to increase it. So you should from time to time to glance at the speedometer, not to increase the speed in excess of a reasonable amount. If you long to go at high speed, sooner or later cease to notice it - and this is the first step toward creating a dangerous situation on the road. Because driving on country roads often means moving to a fairly long distance, from time to time do not forget to stop to get out, relax and exercise. Best to make such a stop every hundred kilometers. If the car is the drivers, but you to periodically change - taking the place of the driver at a time, you'll be less tired. Driving at night is dangerous because of drowsiness of drivers, so do not chase a dream - would be safer to stay in a quiet place and take a nap. So you remove the accumulated fatigue and rest, to settle down and be able to go on to more awake.
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