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Cheer for you introduce how many remaining amount of oil in the science

by:DLAA      2020-08-02
Many owners come on, you should have a doubt, there is much left in the car email go best? First of all, we need to know that wait for car oil red light didn't come on, would be bad, can have damage to the vehicle, bottom oil 'just for an emergency, come on, only after the lamp lights up besides will cause the fuel supply and shut down, can also cause mechanical damage to the car. Because the car's tank of petrol pump need to rely on gasoline to heat dissipation, very little if the petrol tank, will cause the gasoline pump cooling bad, cause gasoline pump wear, shorten the service life and may cause serious and even pump cooling slow burn out. In addition, if at the bottom of the tank to go, the bottom of the accumulation of impurities are easy to be pumped into the fuel system, oil supply is not smooth phenomenon. Recommended in the oil tank is about 1/4 refueling, because the oil tank is too low, easy to have air, the temperature difference between day and night big form when water vapor, mixed in oil, eventually lead to poor combustion.
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