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Car headlights to introduce car lamps and lanterns should be timely maintenance fog lamps position is easy to damage

by:DLAA      2020-03-28
< p> check car bulbs burn out fault is a simple thing. However, the comprehensive system on the outside, lamps and lanterns of maintenance is not so simple. Timely maintenance car lamps and lanterns is very important to the driver, because this not only affect the driving comfort, but also directly related to the safety of driving. Usually before get reminders, owner is very difficult to realize the headlights, taillights, turn signal or in the lamp is not working properly. Replacement bulbs burn out, by the way, the work is very simple, the cost of the DIY below the pit for lighting system maintenance fee standards. More cases, lamp fault is not confined to the light bulb burn out, rust or plug socket damage this kind of small problem, often need to take professional diagnostic technique to analyze the root cause of failure. Even those low price of the car, its internal and external lamps are controlled by the host computer; And the luxury car, its headlights alone by 3 computer control. If the car is equipped with day light must first understand the working principle of the device. If the vehicle is equipped with electric lights ( Is when the light to a certain extent, the system has the function of automatic open headlights) , might as well check the photosensitive from weakest to strongest status lights work in the process, of course, also don't ignore inspection automatic shutdown timer. If the system is equipped with a timer, please set it to maximum delay. If the headlights is damaged, usually adopt similar lamps and lanterns for replacement. Some car is equipped with a high intensity discharge headlights, that takes the device through its advance design of electronic system to produce high voltage arc discharge to generate high density on the light. Note that the ordinary quartz - Halogen bulbs in this application. In addition, also check headlight lenses have crack, because although surface crack does not affect the headlamps lighting performance, but the moisture will be along the crack into the lamps and lanterns, it will reduce the service life of the bulb. In addition, headlamps lighting direction calibration should also be included in the maintenance projects list. Seize the key, also don't forget to check other lamp series, such as turn signal, license plate lamp, lamp, wide in the lamp, back light and brake light, Including middle high brake lights CHMSL) And so on. In addition, many cars will also be fog lamps or popular option as standard equipment, fog lamps generally installed on the car a lower position, so the stones are highly susceptible to damage, and in the maintenance, in addition to check lighting system itself, the lamp lens crack should not be ignored. < / p>
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