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Car fog lamp modification for car lighting modification

by:DLAA      2020-02-19

Here, I focus on fog lamps. Many people think that fog lamps are yellow lamps. In fact, have you ever noticed that when you turn a corner, you will always find a road ahead that you want to see, but there is no light on it? And when you were on the dark national highway, I'm sure you also met the 'motorcycle master' who jumped out on both sides of the road '? When he appears in your field of vision, it is often a prelude to you to slam the brakes. Then, at this time, you should take a closer look at the fog lights on your car.

for real fog lamps, the irradiation range is wide! When your spotlights solve the problem of lighting, then a pair of fog lamps really solves the problem you encounter in the field as an off-road vehicle, which uses a professional lighting upgrade course.

The mountain road at night, the naughty children on the country village road, and even the malicious birds hidden in the bushes by the road, at this time, they are all under your nose, and what can make you control everything is just this pair of small 'wide fog lamps. Its irradiation range is 50 ~ 80 meters, the width should be about 60 degrees or wider. So, those brothers who want to install lights, remember, we have to look at both sides besides the front, this point, please don't forget.

of course, installation is a standard process, not for anything else. A good installation process and a perfect standard are important guarantees to keep your car in good condition, you don't want a good light to suddenly go out in a heavy rain? Ha ha!

The definition of spotlights and fog lights, I will not describe much here. If you are interested, you can refer to a lot of information on the Internet or search for related lighting upgrade courses, everyone should pay attention to the lines of the two lamp surfaces, so it is very clear. The beam of spotlights is concentrated while the range of illumination is small-but the brightness is very high within that range.

The fog lamp shines wide, but the brightness does not look very bright, which is especially valuable on national roads or mountain roads.

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