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Brake disc when need to replace

by:DLAA      2020-08-31
Brake disc when need to change, how to judge the performance of the brake disc? Brake disc as an important part of the brake system, may say that the stand or fall of performance directly affects the vehicle braking performance, if the owners do not pay attention to is likely to cause some unnecessary accidents, with small make up to look at it now. Listening performance car owners can be judged by the daily brake linings of sound judgment of good or bad, especially in the vehicle to use for a long time, can also use it to determine, for example when the brakes gently to sibilance or larger disk friction pads, if you find this kind of circumstance, can try two more times, to prevent brake pads at the beginning when installation running in sound, if just change the pads, at that time the best inspection and replacement of the brake disc. Brake disc according to the inspection instrument lamp on the instrument light actually also has a monitoring and warning lights, brake disc, generally is to put out state, believe that there are many car owners don't really know, when the brake disk failure or excessive wear, by this time the indicator light will light up, until the owner will put out after completion of repair, lights are usually refers to the brake disc was worn to the limit, braking effect, has certain influence for driving safety, but in order to prevent one thousand, best to repair shop to check. Brake disc for inspection according to the thickness as the brake disc, with a few small pit on disk, usually on behalf of the brake disc wear these small pit, if it is found that the depth of the pit reaches 1. 5 mm, that is, both the total degree of wear and tear to 3 mm, recommended even if to replace the brake disc. To judgment as a brake disc brake disc by using the cycle, also has certain maintenance period, usually for 60000 km or 100000 km, the owner can according to the maintenance manual to know its cycle, if found near the replacement cycle should be checked in time, avoid brake disc performance so as to affect the braking performance.
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