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Before installation plate lined with leaves should be prepared to what?

by:DLAA      2020-07-18
Prepared without suffering from, as the saying goes, so install car fender liner should be prepared to some relevant before, so you can better use of the car engine under guard board manufacturer to popular science today will give you about this knowledge. To do the preparation before installation plate lined with leaves, the first is to should be carefully remove chassis grease, use special-purpose detergent to remove such as asphalt, oil clean. Then, drying, no one can breach of these processing, or it will affect the fastness to guard. Then, wait for transmission shaft's rotation system, the exhaust pipe, and so on to come loose even next hot place USES adhesive tape sealed plastic spraying or waste paper, in order to avoid accidental damage, affecting their normal operation. Finally, automobile engine under guard board manufacturers is introduced to note the tape after the construction completion or newspaper dismantled and avoid danger.
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