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Automotive stamping parts name for you

by:DLAA      2020-08-10
Now auto stamping parts of a word that is on the process, once extremely faint, this noun as usual to generation refers to the car during the process of manufacturing may protect, use all of the auto parts. But this noun in the present moment, its meaning is not so common. Now let's look at how the term growth. In the labor time of car, because the car at the time also belong to a kind of commodity, so in the social life, only to may have the goods, this determines the labor in auto enterprise, car the number of labor is not a lot of this kind of commodity, so much in auto labor enterprise, including the labor car parts of the match. Giving birth in the car enterprise, the factory in the process of important labor has four big process, this separation include stamping workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop and assembly workshop. In the stamping workshop, mold is the important basis for a start, after the course technology, through the stamping process of manipulation, various needs of the steel manufacturing into the shape of the product. It through the process described above, we can perhaps look into, the obligation of stamping workshop is the fundamental auto parts auto labor progress, then these parts pass by welding, painting and assembly for each process of a car. But now with the growing of science and technology, and gradually in the automobile business of new growth strategies, cars have become a people can spend product, in this kind of need, there's been a great improvement in production of cars, so also causes the traditional four workshops beginning segment, automotive stamping parts will start gradually expand its including category.
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