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Automotive lamps and lanterns manufacturer to tell you what are the categories of lamps and lanterns

by:DLAA      2020-07-14
Common external lamps and lanterns: light, fog lamps, license plate lamp, back light, brake lights, turn signal, a lamp, clearance lights, lights and warning lights. Lamps and lanterns of external light color commonly used white, orange and red; Performs the task of special vehicles, such as fire engines, police car, ambulance, breakdown van, adopts has the right of priority by red, yellow or blue flashing warning lights. Motor vehicle should be on time to participate in safety testing and comprehensive testing, to ensure that the external lamps and lanterns is complete and effective. ( 1) Headlamps, commonly known as 'lamps' truck mounted on both sides of the head, used for lighting the front road. ( 2) Fog lamps installed in the car to the head or the tail. In the fog, snow, rain, or dust diffuse cases, such as to improve the lighting conditions of fog lamps front road. ( 3) License plate lamp is installed in car tail or left and right sides of the above licence, licence after used for lighting. ( 4) Back-up lamp installed in car tail, when hanging reverse transmission, automatic light, lighting the car back, at the same time warning after reversing light traffic pay attention to safety. ( 5) Installed in the car tail. When on the brake pedal, a strong red light, as a system of brake lamp. ( 6) Turn the turn signal general installation on both side of car head, tail, used to indicate the vehicle. Steam turn signal car side of the side turn signal. ( 7) In a lamp is also called the 'lights' in width, position 'light', installed in the front, back and side, when driving at night after headlamps and shown a lamp, a lamp, instrument lights and license plate lights shine at the same time, to mark the shape of a vehicle, etc. ( 8) Commonly known as 'Angle of light' clearance lights, racing cars more than 3 m vehicles shall be installed clearance light, vehicle contour. ( 9) In the lamp installed in the front and the rear of the sides. ( 10) Warning lights installed on top of a car, sometimes used to mark special type vehicle. Common internal lamps and lanterns have dome light, reading lamp, compartment lights, door lights, step lights, instrument lights, work lights, dashboard warning lights, etc. ( 1) Dome light cars and trucks are generally only set a dome light, in addition to the used car interior lighting, I can also monitor the door is reliable dome light or shut down. ( 2) Reading lamp installed in the front of occupant seats or top, concentrated reading crew would not give the pilot produce dazzling phenomenon, small reading lamp lighting range, some adjusting mechanism and optical axis direction. ( 3) Compartment lights installed in the car or bus compartment, when open the compartment cover, lamp automatic, illuminates the luggage compartment compartment space in the lamp. ( 4) Door lamp is installed in the car at the bottom of the doors of the medial, open the door, door light shine, light vehicles give way to AD and pedestrians, door. ( 5) Courtesy lamp is installed on the steps of the large and medium-sized passenger car occupant door. When the door is open at night crew illuminates the pedal. Courtesy lamp ( 6) Instrument lights mounted on the dashboard opposite to lighting instrument pointer and dial plate. ( 7) Alarm and light is common with oil pressure warning light, high temperature alarm lamp, rechargeable lights, steering instructions alarm and indicator lamp, in the light, alarm lamp is usually red, yellow, light is generally for the green or blue. ( 8) Working lamp when the lamp is vehicle repair a conductor can be moved using low voltage lighting, power supply from the automobile generator or working lamp battery.
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