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Automobile manufacturing promotes the purchasing power of industrial robots

Automobile manufacturing promotes the purchasing power of industrial robots


Once China was the "world factory" by the support of human resources, but now it becoming the biggest industrial robot buyer. The rise of wage costs and competition by other emerging market economies made many manufactures turn to rely on technology.

Industry data show that, China bought 1/5 of global industrial robot in 2013, for the first time in history overtake Japan who is good at technology using. Data released by International Federation of Robotics based in germany pointed out that, China bought 36560 industrial robots in 2016, increased 71%. Japan bought 36015 robots, America was the third and bought 23679 industrial robots in the same period.

Per Vegard Nerseth, the robot business chief of ABB Group said, "China was always the most rapidly growing robot market,just in a few years time, China will become the robot market leader much larger than the second and third."

Data from International Federation of Robotics also pointed out that, from 2008 to 2013, industrial robots sales to China has been growing 36% per annum, and future growth potential is even greater: in 2012, China manufacturing industry every 10 thousand workers corresponded 23 industrial robots, in contrast, the number of Korea is 396.

The main Chinese robot demand growth is being driven by large-scale multinational manufacturer, especially the manufacturing enterprises of automobile industry. Research report from management consulting firm Solidiance pointed out that, China's automobile manufacturing industry scale bit ranked the first in the world, at the same time also occupy 60% of the demand Chinese industrial robot.

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