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Automobile lamps and lanterns manufacturer to tell you what to do with the lights dimmed

by:DLAA      2020-07-14
Light is image in the window to the soul, is according to the driver's intentions, and in the darkness of the night, it also can indicate the direction of for you. Therefore, restore and improve the performance of the car lights can be used for the safety and comfort of play a role of inestimable importance. Light after repair both headlamps and headlight, as long as it is not lit, that means that the light bulb has burned, must be replaced. But if not broken, just reduce brightness, dim the light is red, also absolutely cannot treat STH lightly, because it could be an early sign of failure, and reduce the performance of the lighting is also great hidden trouble of safety. Brightness reduce several reasons, the most common is the astigmatism there is dirt on glass or mirror product of lamps and lanterns, then need to do is clear the dirt with flannelette or lens paper clean can. Another reason is loss of battery charging, lead to power shortages in brightness is not enough, so you need to replace a new battery. There is also a wire aging or may be the line carefully, resistance increase caused by power supply, this kind of situation not only affects the work of the light bulb, serious even lead to overheat and cause a fire. To improve the car light normal driving environment and individual driving habits, to decide which part of the car lights need to strengthen. Car headlights: in general, often burn the midnight oil friend should consider to replace a pair of higher brightness lamps, so, in the dark of night, enough brightness can help you to find all the details of the pavement, and playing in time can also let you see farther. If conditions permit, you can even change a pair of xenon headlamps ( 藏) , xenon lamp not only enough brightness, long life, it also has a characteristic: color temperature is very high, close to the sunlight of color temperature for drivers' eyes is also a kind of protection. Don't small car tail lights, rear lamp: if car taillight, easy to cause accident. Generally speaking, as long as it's not fault, taillights upgrade option is not much, besides installing transparent lamp shell increase ornamental, with led lights to replace traditional light bulb is a good choice, not only led brightness increased, response time was shorten than that in traditional light bulbs, which means when you step on the brake pedal, led brake lights can be earlier than the ordinary light bulb, make the following vehicles have more time to prepare. If your car is not equipped with the third brake light, you can also add a pair of. The third brake light due to the installation position is higher, can facilitate the following vehicles to observe your dynamic. Fog lamps: fog lamps also is often said to shoot the light. As the name implies, is the primary purpose of fog lamps in inclement weather, ensure the driver's line of sight, and to ensure that others can see you, too, and now there are a number of manufacturers, just install the fog lamps in order to make the front bumper is more beautiful, so the quality of the selected fog lamps is inferior. Like the headlights, in addition to change the brightness enough fog lamps, choose a pair of xenon hid fog lamps is also a good choice. Back after reversing light: the night is really a headache thing, especially the vision is not a good driver, original back-up light faint light don't really have much help. When you need a pair of light after reversing, it is a mounted in the bartender bar middle or at the bottom of the independence of lamps and lanterns, after you hang the reverse gear light up automatically, it makes you strong brightness darkness astern not scary anymore.
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