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Automobile engine protection plate according to the material can be divided into several?

by:DLAA      2020-07-15
Engine is the core of the car, require constant maintenance, otherwise once born problem leads to car balked, unable to drive. But regular maintenance car engine cost is too high, but also more troublesome, car engine protection plate, which can solve the owner of this series of annoyance, once installed, the permanent protection. But because of the difference of automobile engine protection plate production material, it can be divided into many, like steel engine protection plate, plastic sheeting, aluminium alloy engine protection plate, etc. , below we look at this in detail the characteristics of several kinds of engine protection plate, plate material of automobile engine protection plate is one of the orders, most choice, the first is due to its cheap; The second is hard wear-resisting, impact resistance, not easy damage, tire rolled up sediment rocks in daily driving completely no threat for him. But the disadvantage of steel steel engine protection plate is also evident, the heavier, can increase the car fuel consumption; Another is serious accident when the plate is not easy to fracture, affect the safety of engine in the case of accident sink. 15 the lang under guard. JPG resin engine protection plate, its advantage is with steel plate light, does not consume too much fuel consumption. Same for sediment erosion, even small small ceng chassis damage can easily cope with, only in the aspect of the overall strength will send Yu Gangban, although there is a certain toughness, but a bit serious about the palm is easily broken, but this is precisely what at the time of serious accidents can help engine smoothly sinking. Plastic engine protection plate has the advantage of low cost in weight. Faults is relatively thin, not resistant to impact, easy to corrode, its service life is short, especially under the condition of less easy to damage the roads, for those high chassis, or in urban driving, driving traffic is often a good used car. Aluminium alloy plate are more prevalent in recent years a guard plate, its lighter than steel sheeting, not cause fuel consumption increase, but its rigidity, flexibility, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, can be applied to cars traveling in various road conditions.
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