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Automobile chassis which parts easily damaged

by:DLAA      2020-08-29
A speed bump speed bumps can say is the place that makes many supercar fear unceasingly, the owner drove a calf on the highway, sitting next to you, my dear sister, owners an acceleration results in front to a speed bump, the results on the chassis rotten can only stop at the roadside waiting for rescue, so the owner must drive slowly over speed bumps, don't rush in the past, and driving fast and don't want to but the chassis can't do it. Steep slope is steep slope is also so-called test a parts of the car chassis, chassis front bumper and the prominent part of the place such as such as half shaft, tie rod can be easily to rub and damage, the owner at the time of up and down a steep slope, oblique, to keep the car first allow unilateral front wheel to reach bottom or top, then slowly open up. Muddy road this is mainly for rural roads, due to not use asphalt to build, it rains all roads are turned into a muddy road, by some convex and stones, and Shanghai for chassis suspension is also has a certain influence, recommended to meet baba feeling the way of breaking up the mud, protruding the unilateral wheel along the first part of the roll in the past, the roller compaction to open after the past. Shoulder shoulder also is what most people call the road opposite sides-to hold, this mainly occurred in the owner parking, a few days ago there was a car owners forced the car open up, the chassis basically bad to can't, in this case suggest you predict height, to set aside enough space, parking side slowly open, when the height is too high, recommended, or forget it.
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