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Auto parts between methods

by:DLAA      2020-09-01
Action to distinguish true and false parts to 'four see, in this special teach readers some trick to identify true and false auto parts. A look at the price: met too cheap parts need to be careful. Fake goods prices are usually cheaper than the genuine article several times, if the price of the product and your impression of the general price difference is too big, the nine times out of ten is fake in fish in troubled waters. 2 see packing: in general, the real thing clear on the bottle, overprint accurate, specifications, registered trademarks, producer name and address and telephone number will be marked clearly, such as certification and inspector chapter; And a lot of fake goods in packaging and printing is very rough, the specification is not unified, can always find a flaw. Three see materials: such as found new parts with rust spots, rubber parts appear crack, aging phenomenon, junction with desoldering, degumming phenomenon, the accessories for the most part has a problem. All four see protection: auto parts factory with a protective layer, such as piston pin, bearing bush with paraffin wax protection, piston ring, cylinder liner surface tu rust-proof oil, and wrapping paper wrapped in plastic bags after encapsulation. If gland damage, loss of wrapping paper, rust-proof oil or paraffin, if not counterfeit product is damaged.
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