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Auto lamp manufacturers to tell you the important effect of automobile lamps and lanterns in automotive safety

by:DLAA      2020-07-14
With the development of social economy, the car has become a human society does not lack of traffic and transportation. Car have security problems. In today's world, auto safety, environmental protection and energy saving has become the development of the auto three topics. The safety of the car, it is an extremely important to the operation of the vehicle performance. Car safety is divided into three parts: the active safety and passive safety and fire safety. Active safety, refers to the car designers in the car configuration, a series of technical measures, in order to prevent and reduce safety accidents. Including automotive lighting, all kinds of indicator, driver, brake, tires, etc. Passive security, refers to the series of technical measures in the car, make the safety accident once occurred, can maximum limit to prevent or reduce the harm to the staff. Including body structure, safety glass, chairs, headrest, internal and external projections and airbag. Fire safety is to prevent car fire and after fire to prevent the spread of performance. Automobile lamps and lanterns for the illumination and indicator two functions, is an important component of the active safety.
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