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Auto lamp manufacturers to introduce the use of auto lamp danger alarm flashlight

by:DLAA      2020-03-25
< p> auto lamp danger alarm flashlight commonly known as double flash ( Or ShuangBengDeng) , this kind of lamp is set up for security reasons, however, in our life, many people to understand it became 'lights' privileges. In fact, the abuse of double flash traffic violations, can be a fine of more than 200 yuan. Abuse of double flash mainly has such two kinds of situations: one is the number of car goes hand in hand, such as outing, ridiculous, leading the way; 2 it is pressed for time, want to drive fast. Among them, the first case is rather common, I attended many times test drive activities organized by the manufacturers, the organizers have asked us to open the double flash, in fact, it is inappropriate to do so. In fact, according to the regulation of traffic management, so you can use double flash reasons of: 1, the visibility is less than 100 meters under the condition of driving; 2, failure or vehicle on the road traffic accident; 3, and the failure of traction motor vehicle, tractor and tractor should at the same time open the double flash; 4, the temporary parking on road or road < / p>
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