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Auto lamp manufacturers to introduce the LED car lamps and lanterns is safe, energy saving and do not break vogue individuation

by:DLAA      2020-04-04
< p> LED lights, also known as daytime running lights, LED lights not only looks beautiful but also very fashionable, but it is real role is to provide the vehicle identification, driving on the LED light can reduce the traffic accident and accident probability of 12. 4%, 26. 4%, in a foreign country must be installed to the requirement of each car LED lights. Lighting according to expert introduction, to use the ordinary dipped headlights and LED daytime running lights technology power consumption of the vehicle is equivalent to about 25% ~ 30% of ordinary lamps, LED lights, the price depends on the body and the width of the models, the LED lamp main material are respectively LED headlamp unit, now in the market of LED lights cost generally between 200 yuan to 1200 yuan, the LED lights in accordance with the location of the beautiful models to install also have different, can be waited on the headlight, front bar. Such as: the location of the LED lights on the bumper of Mercedes SUV, audi, BMW is located inside headlight assembly on the location of the LED lamp is round so it in the headlight assembly. LED lamp is not used to see the road lighting, it belongs to a kind of light, the drivers' attention and driving can improve the visibility of the vehicle, also can restrain the phenomenon of non-motor vehicles and pedestrians crossing the road, LED lights and energy saving, long service life. Installed in the car is not tight show personality is also very safe! < / p>
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