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Auto lamp manufacturers to introduce the LED car headlights will be widely used in the servo steering

by:DLAA      2020-03-27
< p> LED car headlights killer is not light itself, also is not beautiful. According to statistics, 22% of the traffic accident happened in the case of restricted visibility, and accidents are mostly due to the limited width of vehicle lighting and far degrees, lighting dim light color, the driver can't timely response. Is vital for light safety lights lighting, LED + security will be widely used in the intelligent control. As you move towards the LED auto lamps, LED car headlights steering function is very useful, it can improve the driving safety. To in the car, the headlights light automatically to turn on one side of the translation to light a dark environment. The driver can see ahead of pedestrians or obstacles in front of the dark environment. In addition to that, like the audi intelligent headlight system can also automatically distinguish pedestrians, alone to pedestrians flash, Benz smart headlights met high reflectivity street will automatically reduce the brightness, these are all born with the popularity of LED lights and headlight technology, perhaps more ingredients to 'show off', but it can't deny that it is a both practical and security configuration, once the popularity, will never be in the light of blind. LED car headlights in 2018 in China sales market size of about 1. 7 billion yuan, the next five years the domestic LED car light sales market size will be rapid growth, by 2019 China LED car light sales market scale will reach 5 billion yuan. 1, LED car headlights COB light lamps are not suitable for halogen lamp as is known to all, halogen lamp filament lights for the strip, in order to keep the light focused, halogen headlights light bowl and the corresponding design and invention. Now many headlight products on the market, is composed of a number of small power light emitting chip encapsulation of COB light source, light Angle and halogen lamps, light scatter, is not focused on the deadly. There is a problem, this lamp bead light death rate is high, as long as one of the virtual welding or damage will affect the normal work of the other lamp bead, extremely dangerous in the drive at night. 2, install the lens type LED car headlights chat headlight astigmatism may be penny wise and pound foolish, many people's first reaction is: add lens! But in fact, the lens type LED car headlights does not apply to car. On the one hand, not all models have enough space to add a lens, especially if the car is in the optional configuration, there is no lens of words very trouble to install. In addition, in order to add the lens and tear open lamp, bumper, etc. , can let the sealing of headlight, rain water, fog and other issues. 3, not all adjustable light lamps are suitable for small white owner when the vehicle collision, replacement assembly or the light bulb, dimming are indispensable. Many on the market of LED lights are claimed to have 'adjustable light', but in fact, many not stay in concept, is steps that move light red tape. Beam about migration, migration, and many people tend to use screw driver and wrench floundered, didn't also the way to adjust the appropriate light Angle and the science of light and shade cutting line, finally had to take refuge in the garage and 4 s shop. < / p>
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