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Auto lamp manufacturers to introduce how the maintenance car car headlights lighting use myth

by:DLAA      2020-03-17
< p> the maintenance car headlights? In terms of headlamps integral structure, whether the ordinary halogen headlamps, or xenon headlamps, or lamps with LED headlamp unit, on the back cover where there is a ventilation rubber hose. And at the moment of lamps are lit lamps in use will produce large amounts of heat, the role of the vent is the heat discharge lamps as possible, to maintain the normal work of the high temperature, the use of ensure the headlight stability. Below, we look at car lights use erroneous zone. Auto lighting science and operation is introduced: the different vehicles, car lighting design and control of operation is different, but the function about the same. Automobile headlamp unit is roughly divided into automatic adjustment type headlights, high beam, lights, front fog lamps, and so on. Lamp according to the distribution of bearing to do a simple introduction for everyone, mainly divides into the vehicle front, rear and turn signal. 1, the vehicle in front of the lamp includes: small lights, headlights, high beam, fog lamps, After the fog lamps) Small lights: the role of vehicle width small lamp mainly shows that the width of the vehicle, which is in wide lamp is the origin of the term. When driving at night, the road lighting is bad is inevitable, and open the small lamp can help the rest of the vehicles or pedestrians to distinguish between the width of the car to further to avoid accidents. Lamps: be responsible for daily lighting lamps is commonly referred to as the floodlight, its role is in a bad light or dark provide owners with a good view. In addition, in the traffic laws of headlight luminosity, irradiation range has clear requirements, because the lighting effect will directly affect the drivers and the safety of others, and others. Nowadays, with the rapid development of modern industry, more and more of the family car is equipped with xenon headlamps, automatically adjustable headlight, and so on. High beam: passing, turning and compared under bad weather forbids the use of headlights, high beam projected by the beam farther, more bright. But, for the use of high beam has clear rules in the road traffic safety, is simple said in passing, turning, inclement weather, road lighting better circumstances it is prohibited to use high beam, because of the high beam is easy to cause the opposite driver blinded instantly, causing traffic accidents. Fog lamps ( After the fog lamps) Supplementary lighting: the fog fog lamps is easy to understand, actually is the auxiliary lighting in the fog. Fog lamps is generally installed in the position of the lower in big chy-tech, visibility is very low in the fog, the driver's line of sight will be severely affected, because of the fog lamps strong penetrating power, so after open fog lamps, can effectively improve the visibility of fog for driving. Note, however, good weather conditions do not open, because after the fog lamps to affect the car after the driver line of sight. 2, vehicle rear lights, brake lights, reversing lamp, license plate lamp; And turn signal brake lights: the main play a warning role. Brake lights installed in the rear, usually by about two brake lights, and a high brake lights, its main color is red. The role of the brake light is to reduce rear-end collision accident. In general, ahead of the vehicle to slow down, stop, or meet the accident will be on the brake pedal, the brake lights go up, have the effect of warning. Behind the back light: remind/provide the rear lighting after hanging into the reverse, reversing light lights up, its function has two: one is to remind the car or behind the vehicle, intentions; On the other hand is to provide car rear lighting, because the back light are white, can provide a good line of sight, vehicle rear facilitate security astern. License plate lamp: display license plate license plate lamp is usually in the night or bad it is open, its function is used to illuminate the vehicle license plate. As specified in the road traffic safety, when driving at night must open license plate lamp, and can see the license plate number within 20 meters. In addition, according to the requirement to license plate lamp and little lamps must be controlled by a switch. A turn signal: alert other vehicles or pedestrians turn signal is easy to understand, when the vehicle lane change or a change of direction to open, turn signal is off and on of shiny, in order to alert the vehicles or pedestrians around. In general, a car at the very least, there are six turn signal, the vehicle in front of the two, vehicles, vehicle rear two side side. < / p>
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