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Auto lamp manufacturers tell you automobile lamps and lanterns should be how to maintain

by:DLAA      2020-07-13
Select auto bulb in addition to the model, to choose the high quality product, to achieve good light distribution, highlighting and sealing, such ability ensure the safety of driving more. Master huang said, it is important to note that in general, 50000 km or 2 years, suggested to detect a light bulb brightness. If need to replace both sides best replacement bulb, lest cause both sides different brightness, replacement of unilateral causes the driver line of sight. At the same time, the chimney aging may also affect the brightness of the light, even blurred lights, serious impact on road lighting effect, easy to cause accidents, so if the chimney appears aging or damaged, it should also be timely replacement. Owners when driving in the morning if found fog lights, after wiping the lights if the fog disappeared within 40 minutes the light is not too much of an issue, and if an hour later, fog lights in, then light is a problem with the seal. Car light won't be a problem, or related to the quality first, the other is related to install. If the lamp in the process of maintenance problems, cooperation between different programs is not good enough, sealed bad could happen.
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