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Auto lamp manufacturers introduced auto bulb little knowledge for you

by:DLAA      2020-04-01
< p> 1, the wattage: general car original is 60/55 of a watt bulbs, outside sales 100 watts or even 140 - watt bulb, lighting effect can be certain of growth, but must be equipped with a good harness, so as to avoid current can not meet the demand. And auto detection is have relevant regulation, not more than 60/55 watts, but does not change and can not meet the lighting needs, and change is not easy to find, so generally can pass the annual inspection. 2, color temperature: ordinary car bulbs color temperature is 2400 k, on behalf of the color, color temperature is 2400 k yellow, silver fighters is 4300 k, is white, and HID ( Xenon) Headlamps shine is 5000 k to 10000 k, also is the white light even blu-ray. White looked at comfortable, but in principle or yellow light penetration is better. Also have relevant regulation and vehicle inspection, must be the yellow light, but basic does not require now, because the xenon headlamps is original. 3, filling gas: the first light bulb is vacuum, now basically is halogen, the so-called halogen is filled with inert gases, can prolong the service life of the bulb. Now appeared on the market a xenon lamp, it's only refers to the filling of gas, as long as or filament light, difference is not big, not and HID ( Xenon) Lamps are confused! 4, luminous principle: the common are tungsten light bulb, the 12 volts can let it shine, and the full name of the xenon headlamps is HID gas discharge lamp, its luminous principle is the use of the positive and negative electrical stimulation of xenon gas ( 氙) And rare metal chemical reaction, so you will find within the HID bulb lamp and a small ball, which is filled with xenon gas and a few rare metal, as long as an electric current to stimulate them with chemical reaction, the two will be as high as 5000 k color temperature of light, it is difficult to achieve by traditional halogen lamp photometric, 5000 k is also the most close to the color temperature of the midday sun, can let the human eye is most comfortable luminosity. In addition, due to the xenon gas molecular activity will as the lengthen of time, the more lively, so the gas discharge lamp but will use more and more bright. Because stimulating xenon light need 23000 v, so the real HID gas discharge lamp, want to have a voltage stabilizer, step up to 23000 v, 12 v voltage used in stimulus just moment when you start the power xenon to highlight, continue to supply stable xenon bulbs glow. For xenon headlamps with three times the output brightness, color temperature comfort level is high, the number of times the product life, about 1/2 of the electric power consumption etc. , must be the substitute of tungsten filament bulbs! But now the price of the xenon headlamps is very high, at least in the more than 3000. Xenon headlamps was not without his faults, for xenon light is made up of dark and light, so not suitable for the distance light frequently alternate ( We often used by crossing or overtaking action) 5, bulb type: divided into the H4 bulb type, H1, H3, H7, H11, HS, HV, HD, S2, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, a lot of kinds, such as Japanese cars were mostly H4, H4 is characteristic of double filament, is why said is 60/55 watts two Numbers, it is through the light-emitting filament position is different, reflecting on reflection bowl silly, glowing distance also is different, so the H4 xenon headlamps also is the most not easy to implement, because there is no filament xenon lamp, only one brightness, so the H4 xenon lamp there are two ways to realize: the first is the manner in which a xenon a filament, the disadvantage of this approach is the life of the xenon lamp will be greatly reduced because of the life of the filament, the second is done by telescopic lamp bowl, defect is need to replace the lamp bowl, cost is high, the construction is difficult! < / p>
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