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Auto lamp manufacturer to introduce you to what circumstances need to use the fog lamps?

by:DLAA      2020-04-03
When the rain pours down with the < p> a downpour, driving people easy to blur the line of sight, sometimes it's hard to judge the situation around. At this time, you can consider the light fog lamps, remind the drivers around you. Fog shrouded in fog day need not speak, that is must open fog lamps, in order not to hit others for their own not hit. Is important to note, however, fog lamps, although helps vehicles or pedestrians see as early as possible, but this does not mean that it can use at any time, especially in the fog lamps are open to and fro. Because of the fog lamps light brighter than normal, and have very strong scattering, if when there is no need to let it shine at random, only can interfere with the line of sight of other motorists, especially to the other side of the line of sight, serious, may cause accident. As a result, many traffic laws are clear provisions of the state: a ban on vehicle open fog lamps in the case of good visibility. < / p>
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