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The development prospects of the car deserve our expectation

The development prospects of the car deserve our expectation

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The world famous commercial consulting company AlixPartners (Ai Ruibo) the latest research report released recently shows, despite the recent China light vehicle sales slowed, but industry experts predict, the entire market sales from now to 2020, will maintain the average growth rate of up to 15% years.

It is understood, this is Ai Rui platinum issued fourth consecutive years "Outlook" AlixPartners Ai Rui platinum in 2016 China automobile industry, the survey done by Ai Rui platinum and Shanghai chamber of Commerce and the European Chamber of Commerce America cooperation, expansion of data collection and survey of more than forty in China local and overseas automobile manufacturers and suppliers of executives, and carried out extensive research on China automobile industry.

The growth of household wealth is the main driving force of Ai Rui platinum director and Shanghai office director Luo Man said, "to participate in the investigation of cross industry executives for the market long-term growth is still very optimistic, they think, before 2016, the average growth rate of Chinese automobile market every year 12% to 15%. Even without the high growth like the 2009, this is still a very healthy digital".

The report points out, the growth of the main driving force behind the growth of wealth from the family. At present, the annual income China family of more than 60000 yuan of the city family, 72% own a car. Moreover, the income level of families accounted for only 20% of the total number of all city households, or 10% of the total national family, its remarkable growth potential. Ai Ruibo thinks, in the next five years, the number of income exceeds this threshold is expected to double in the family.


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