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At present domestic key parts is still dominated by foreign investment

by:DLAA      2020-08-29
China automobile industry occupies a certain areas in the world has, but China's vast car market without core technology, whether in the automotive industry or parts industry is still a foreign key parts of the world, the key parts problem has almost become the industry consensus, however, how to solve this difficult problem, parts suppliers is still trying. Recently on China's auto parts industry's biggest research and evaluation activities, according to a report of China's foreign background on the market of auto parts company enjoys an absolute advantage in the high-tech sector. China has become the world's biggest car market, the world's multinational auto parts companies have increased investment in the Chinese market, foreign auto parts company with its technology, management, and the advantages of the existing customer relationship, in the Chinese car market performance is very outstanding, especially in the high-tech sector occupies an absolute dominant position. For a long time, the foreign capital enterprise not only to master the core technology of some key components, also monopolized the market to provide oems supporting parts. At the same time, they build in China from the development and training to the production, sales, the whole process of system is established, and start according to the optimal division of labor and layout integration they are investing in China's enterprises. And the current situation and make foreign parts enterprises to accelerate the expansion in China, according to the relevant institutions abroad, under the financial crisis, the global auto parts supplier in 2009 profit margins have fallen sharply, and performed well in emerging markets is the hope of their growth, in this context, from the fourth quarter of 2008 to the present, berg warner, famous parts companies such as Johnson controls built wholly owned or joint venture factory in China. In the face of the current market situation parts enterprises are also trying to change this situation, but in general the situation is still controlled by foreign capital, some experts pointed out that how to solve the problem of enterprise key parts, the core competitiveness of enterprises is mainly in several aspects: one, the ductility. The core competitiveness for the enterprise provides a into a variety of products market potential. In other words, a core technical ability can make the company obtains the competitive advantage in a number of core products. Second, the practical. The core competitiveness can bring great end user value to customers. All competition in the final analysis is the use of to better meet customer demand, must make the product has the practical value of customer recognition. Third, uniqueness. Core competence should not easily imitated by competitors. Generally speaking, the core competitiveness of the enterprise has the high barriers to entry for competitors, the ratio of the intelligent component of core competence structure, the greater the enterprise with its core competence and can be obtained, the long-term competitive advantage. Fourth, low cost. Low labor costs low is the advantage of auto parts enterprises in China, but low cost does not mean lower profits. As long as it can give full play to the cost price is still high profits. Five, high service. Relative profit, brand image and business letter can reflect the value of service capacity said, should belong to the late value before and after sales, service ability determines the enterprise can be sustained development. Including pre-sale publicity, after-sales support, etc. Six, the high quality. There is no doubt that the product quality is the lifeblood of enterprises, there is no good product again good enterprise also. Seven, integrity. The integrity of an enterprise product line is not to say that to each product as a main product to promote, in that case is failure is the final end. The so-called complete product line is a kind of comprehensive, cannot be the same again at the same time. Solve the problem of key parts to improve enterprise's core competitiveness, core competitiveness of the enterprise have a place to better and foreign investment in key parts of a spell, if parts enterprises have no skills, no innovation, no independent brands, so how about competition, what more about key parts to solve present situation?
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