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And how does introduce you to the car bottom plate

by:DLAA      2020-08-06
In general, the car bottom plate is to point to protect the engine a guard plate, the bottom of the car care look words meaning, mainly lies in the protection, protect the engine in the process of the car. The role of the car bottom plate can be summarized as the following content: ( 1) Against accidental palm, effectively alleviate the palm on the impact of the body, to offset unexpected scratches on car engines, transmissions and chassis and body through the performance improved; ( 2) To prevent surface water dust into the engine. Stop external sundry directly into the engine room, avoid injury accident part; ( 3) To avoid the car tire rolling roll up after sand hard hit in the process of a machine, a short period of time would have no impact in a machine, but in the long run, will cause damage to launch machine, accelerate the aging. ( 4) Effectively improved the stress of the automobile chassis sheet metal structure, optimize the air at the bottom of the car shape, effectively reduce wind resistance, noise at high speed. Car bottom plate multi-layer spray, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, light weight, heat faster, not how car burden, heat, and easy installation, use safety, installation of a lifetime, a lifelong benefit investment, welcome the masses of friends to come to bright and install the bottom plate of choose and buy auto supplies company. Danyang sing tao auto parts co. , LTD. Is a plate lined with leaves, guard board, fog lamps, when the China open, bumper, kettle, to cover products such as professional production and processing factories, has a complete and scientific quality management system, products have been exported to dozens of countries.
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