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After about car engine protection plate problems

by:DLAA      2020-07-07
Common guard on the market at present basically has the following categories: a, hard plastic, resin protection plate. The price is relatively cheap, simple production process. For sediment erosion, even small small ceng chassis damage can easily cope with, only in the aspect of the overall strength will send Yu Gangban, although there is a certain toughness, but a bit serious about the palm is easily broken, but it is just at the time of serious accidents can help engine smoothly sinking. But it is important to note the material plate easily broken, winter itself vulnerable broken beyond repair not long-term protection. Advantages: light weight, low prices, has a certain resilience, does not affect the engine down. Weakness: the protection ability is limited, easy to damage. Second, the steel protection board. Steel material is the owner of the most choice, first of all is that cheap, another obvious advantage is hard, everyday driving tire rolled sediment stone for him completely no threat, even the occasional palm will not cause damage to him, even if the palm is only a slight variant. But the disadvantage of this product is also very obvious, the biggest drawback is that the weight, ErSanShiJin how much weight for fuel consumption will inevitably produce some effect. Steel plate when another is serious accident will only variant is not easy to break, not only will affect the safety of engine in the case of accident sink, still exist due to the steel plate deformation in the collision to take the lead in the hidden danger of damage to the engine so is indeed cut both ways. Advantage: the impact resistance is strong, the price is cheap. Weakness: the weight is heavy, no resilience, affect the engine down, easy to produce resonance. Three, aluminum alloy, Titanium alloys) Protection board. Aluminum alloy ( Titanium alloys) Guard is a lot of decoration shop installation is recommended, the price of it in the shop can like steel sheeting, but on the propaganda, will say it lighter than steel sheeting, not cause fuel consumption increase. That is actually on margins is behind the high prices, the relative hardness, the hardness of aluminum alloy is far not equal to the protection of the steel plate, its specialty in Shanghai the only advantage is weight lighter than steel plate. Advantages: light weight weakness: the price is high, no resilience, affect the engine down, easy to produce resonance, material strength is not high. Four, alloy plastic PVC protective plate. Alloy steel material is a new kind of polymer material developed in recent years. Material generally adopts imported high polymer particles of PVC. Its characteristic is light weight, strong toughness, strong resistance to pressure. Because of its physical properties such as rigidity, flexibility, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, is usually used as copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal of substitution. Is a widely used a new kind of building material. Material generally adopts imported PVC polymer particles, capital cost is high, product prices slightly more expensive than traditional materials. Recently, because of its excellent material properties, also be used to make the engine protection plate. Advantages: light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good resilience, fully enclosed, will not affect the engine down. Weakness: the price is high. Material generally adopts imported PVC polymer particles, capital cost is high, lead to products is expensive.
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