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A pause not a trouble

by:DLAA      2020-07-23
For cars, are always trying to give it so well, every love, but, on the choice, we have to listen to your professional, to adopt the opinions of the industry, although the engine bottom plate is a small accessories, but the part as a whole, when choosing the engine bottom plate to prevent being cheated, still have to pay attention to the following: 1, permeability, and obligate mouth should pay attention to in order to keep the air cooling function, try to select the product that guard board surface of the cooling hole, another guard plate surface some reserved gap is used for maintenance, when best buy in advance, so as not to appear in the future maintenance needs sheeting down the problem. 2, formal channels to buy qualified products due to the variety of products, the market at present and there are many around the above three kinds of other material derived material plate, and the appearance of the color is similar, it is difficult to distinguish real material, the price also is no reference, so regular purchase channels is particularly important. 3, guard will often maintain the same as the other parts, guard also want regular service, such as screw loose deformation, steel serious fracture, and so on all need timely processing, to ensure its effectiveness. It is not hard to see, sediment corrosion and chassis guard board for small knock against, or can have very good protection effect, and the hazard in the process of in-use vehicle is common, so installation plate is not do more harm than good. For safety considerations, of course, makes sense, we suggest to choose good toughness, but strength is not too big plate products in the event of guard to protect passengers slammed into sacrifice is the most important thing.
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