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90% of people don't know, why didn't your car front fog lamps

by:DLAA      2020-08-27
Looked through a market mainstream car brand configuration, found a strange phenomenon, front fog lamps gradually disappear! In everyone's mind, fog lamps security configuration, this thing is low and not high, equipped with many car evaluation video inside, when it comes to no front fog lamps, the host must include a forced said: we strongly recommend that manufacturers don't cut with! Even many high-end car is all department didn't front fog lamps. Why are now car started slowly give up front fog lamps? Is not what high-tech configuration. To explain this problem before, now let's look at the role of fog lamps. Fog lamps one belongs to car lights, it is characterized by strong penetrability, in fog weather, fog lamps can let others see you, is very important to safety. In our country, according to the relevant provisions of the national standard GB4660, GB4785 car after the fog lamps must have, but did not say how many, all a lot of car is only a fog lamps, and fog lamps must be on the left. Many factories may for reasons of costs or design, are all left a fog lamps, right a back-up lamp ( The who, before the draft when necessary to delete this sentence) 。 Also provides visibility in 100 - in our country Must live within 200 meters open fog lamps, but only the highway. If used in the city, 1 points fined 50 yuan. But the front fog lamp installation requirements is just the 'options', also goes a long way to explaining why some vehicles or vehicles without front fog lamps. But, there is no front fog lamps, doesn't mean automakers to ignore the security configuration. Daytime running lights instead of the front fog lamp? Professor chose a more representative models, price from four similar to more than ten thousand, in principle, such high-grade car, front fog lamps to cost impact is limited, but we can see that a daytime running lights with low models have no front fog lamps, has a high distribution models of front fog lamp without daytime running lights. The professor looked at multiple model configuration, they are all have this in common, no car front fog lamps, usually have daytime running lights. Neither, of course, is also a lot of car front fog lamps also does not have daytime running lights, but the price of these cars are basically cheaper, hundreds of the shopping car, standing on the safety point of view, this car must be lambasting! Now's the time there were two cases, one is not installed front fog lamps also does not have daytime running lights, one is the other light source to replace the independent front fog lamps or integrated in the headlight assembly. And the light source, is the daytime running lights. Many people think daytime running lights just look more cool configuration, in fact, the daytime running lights have been used in foreign countries, make the fog, their benefit from a car is more likely to be found. Daytime running lights are not lighting light source, is only a light, so say again like front fog lamps function the same. However, daytime running lights instead of the front fog lamp still have a question, is penetrating, needless to say must be traditional fog light penetration is better than daytime running lights. Auto front fog lamps around 3000 k color temperature, color slants yellow strong penetrability; And HID, LED lamp color temperature from 4200 k to more than 8000 k; Light color temperature is higher, the penetration is the worse of mist and rain. So, if you pay attention to safety, the best is to choose a daytime running lights + front fog lamp models. The future of traditional fog lamps will disappear while the LED daytime running lights penetrability is poorer, but many manufacturers ( Or is lamp factory, such as Marilyn) Have thought of a solution. Many models have above detector, can monitor in front of the moving object as well as the light source, to control the light source of the light, Angle, let while improving vehicle recognition, does not affect the safety of others. When driving at night, usually matrix LED headlights use high beam irradiation in front all the way, once the system detected a beam of light sensor to the other side or in front of the vehicle, adjust or shut down automatically chy-tech within several leds monomer, let the vehicles ahead will not affected by the high brightness LED of dazzling. Vehicle ahead can clearly know your position, the function of the front fog lamp is replaced. Besides, there are laser tail lights, audi, for example, fog lamps, although have very strong penetrating power, but in extreme weather conditions, fog light beam or is likely to be affected by the smog weakening beams of light penetration. After laser fog lamps, advantage of the characteristics of laser beam directional light to improve the problem. The laser beam emitted by a laser fog lamps fan syncline below according to the ground, in the car after the prompt effect at the same time, also avoid the influence of beam for rear driver. From the current, the price is a bit expensive car is hard to find the front fog lamp, the disappearance of the front fog lamp is the trend of The Times, be replaced by the headlights of a smarter seems to is not far off.
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